Nicholas Coffee is unlike the national on-every-street-corner chains.
We are importers, buying coffees and teas from around the world, receiving shipments of fresh, unroasted beans – from Africa to Venezuela. We don't simply mass-produce and warehouse products. We roast those beans right here in our one-and-only shop. With time-tested care, we have been firing up the same roasters since the 1920s and 1950s. Up to 30 tons each month, one batch at a time, not long before you place your order. Step into our shop and you know you are some place different – not just another chain store.  
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Nicholas Coffee has been serving our community since 1919.
When Greek immigrant Nicholas Constantine Nicholas settled in Pittsburgh, he brought a Mediterranean love of coffee. Our retail shop in Market Square has a patina grown out of the four generations that have nurtured the operation. The air is filled with aromas: fresh, inviting, comforting. There are always things to discover – new and old – things that only come with time and tradition.
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Nicholas Coffee buys in volume and direct.
With a growing network of distribution channels in restaurants, hotels and grocery retailers, our retail shop can offer the best prices available to the consumer along with a wide variety of choices. Coffees are offered whole or ground to order with seemingly endless varieties and blends to more than satisfy a coffee connoisseur. Teas are sold loose or packaged with varieties available from all over the world.



Nicholas Coffee is local and personal.
Our coffee bar brews fresh coffees and teas for a bustling trade dropping in for the best Pittsburgh and beyond has to offer. There are other great finds in this unique Market Square location: imported candies, coffee syrups, snacks and beverage accessories.

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